Hyperlinking an Image to external website

Hi, I’m building a (Message) email template, and it needs to have a facebook logo (and others) , and be clickable to go to the external company facebook page (for example) and i’m having trouble.

my simple logic is:
click image
under link: choose external link
external URL : Type in Facebook page

However when i receive the email it links back to the MatsSoft build as a ‘404 document not found’ so a dead link.

The source code is this:


What am i doing wrong?

Edit: This is v10 up-to-date on patches.

the image url comes through on email as https://xxx-sms-build.xxxxxx-mats.co.uk/Ask********?context_record_id=1655

the ask******* is part of url i placed into the external URL field.

Hello There,

My name is Mark and I am a Platform Solution Developer here at MatsSoft. If you would care to email me at Mark.Pearson@matssoft.com and include a URL to the example you have mentioned, and create me as a User on the Application, I will happily take a look at your issue.

Regards - MP

Hi Mark, don’t worry for now, I’ve since raised a ticket and spoken to Phil who thinks its a core team issue.

Hi There,

Just a thought, the logos you are adding to emails, where are they being stored? Are you actually uploading them as Image Assets to the build?

Regards - MP

Yeah they are uploaded as assets, and i’ve tried making them ‘is public’ true and false to see if that made any difference… it didnt.

Hi There, If you email me at mark.pearson@matssoft.com with your email address I will try and send you and email with a Facebook logo included that will hyperlink to FB.

Regards - Mark

Hi, just to bring you up to speed on this topic. Matt and I have been working with the CORE team and can confirm that the issue here identified has now been fixed and is available in the latest patches being released. Have a great weekend all.

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