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I’m using an early-line processor to validate & update excel values when imported.
What I’m trying to achieve is to set the failure reason with a custom error message when there is an error with input data like “Country is not present in the system”.

I’m using cs.error to display the error message, I can see those errors on detective but on the import status pop-up it always says “Line processing failed” as failure reason.

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Hi Vishal

I’ve reached out to a member of the Create team.

I will respond to this topic with more information.


Hi Vishal,

Early line processors which consist of a cs.error should already produce the appropriate error message within your failed lines import list, i.e. the error defined within the cs.error function.

Therefore, this seems like a bug to me and I would raise a bug via our Support Portal.

great, thanks @ali.bandali.

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Hi @Vishal.SIngh

Good news, we have fixed and patched this in Liberty Create 2021.1+ :slight_smile:
If your application is on 2021.1 or higher, please update to the latest patch of your Liberty Create application to apply this change.

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