Importing a case and progressing to the right stage

Hello all

Recently had a query from a customer on importing case data and then having the process skip to the correct activity within the process.

Here’s the steps i suggested to solve the issue. Hope it helps!

Step 1 - The case object will need to have a ‘import stage’ field added as a new field. I’d suggest it as a choice field that lists the ‘stages’ in the process.

Step 2 - In the import file, have the stage field and set it to from choice text in the processor column. Make sure the value in the import matches the choice field values you’ve created (so if the choice field has the values, stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, the import must have one of those values)

Step 3 - Next, add a subset against the case that activates when the case ‘import stage’ field is against the stage you want to import the case to. So it would be ‘import stage’ as the property and ‘Stage 3’ as the value, with the subset base object being the case object.

Step 4 - Now add a rule against the case. The trigger object will be case and then you need to select the event field as ‘added to subset’ and the subset as the one you’ve just created. On the response tab, set the action as ‘complete stage’ and then choose the correct path through the process all the way back to the start step from the previous stage to the one you want to be on. So as I’m importing to stage 3, I complete stage 2 and my path will be, stage 1, start step.

Step 5 - Import the record. The subset will be triggered as the case will have the right data set, the rule will then fire and complete the relevant stages automatically and your case will now be sitting at stage 3.

You’ll need to repeat steps 3 and 4 if you want to import records that are different stages in your process for each stage in the process you need to import to.