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Has anyone use any qualified electronic signature software and integrated with Create? We are looking to complete digital sign up processes including digital signing of tenancy agreements. Under Scot Law (specific to Scotland) the signature for these documents must have self proving status and therefor electronic signature must be a qualified one as oppose to simple or advanced.

We have looked into various software such and Docusign and Adobe esign however they would only provide simple electronic signature and Yoti which along with biometrics generate and advance signature status (and lots of other amazing biometric verifications with apis if people are looking) but yet to find something that would provide qualified status and therefor would not be admissible in a Scottish court.

We have our entire pre tenancy process and self service portal ready to go and guide the customer through our sign up process and would be great to complete the customer journey with and electronic signature.

Thanks in advance, Sarah

Good Evening Sarah,

From what I can see, Adobe Sign and Docusign both claim to be compliant with eIDAS qualified electronic signature standards although not listed on the EU trusted list they may be downstream providers, please let me know what disqualified them for you.

I have found a tier-one provider, DigiIdentity, perhaps the only tier one provider on the EU trusted list offering qualified signatures. Though at 130 Euros per Qualified signature, requiring a face to face visit may make this a cost-prohibitive option.

Your legal department may have ruled to the contrary, but from what I can ascertain advanced signatures should be deemed suitable under the Electronic Document Registration act 2014, however, that’s a decision solely for your organisation to consider.


If that is the case, we would be keen to look at how we could incorporate document signing into your workflow and the platform.

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Just for clarification, this post is based on opinion and personal interpretation only, and hopefully the advice and research is useful. But as Adam says before using any service you should ensure your own Legal team are happy and that they agree that the proposed is fit for purpose for what you require.

Sorry but i have to do the Legal bit :smile:

Hi, Thanks for the info @adam.mills , I understand the need for the legal bit @dave.amps :slight_smile: and will take this forward with our legal advisors. I will look over the document and links, it is greatly appreciated. We have just keep hitting roadblocks with it so thought I would ask if anyone was aware of any other options, it seems to be a very Scottish specific issue.