Introducing the new Variable Operations activities

Hi there,

Based on the community’s feedback, we’ve recently added a new group of activities to Liberty RPA. In the past, assigning arbitrary values to variables outside of data returned by activities was only possible by using a special node, the Python Code block. Starting from version 2021.1.2, Liberty RPA now offers the Variable Operations activities group, containing the following activities for interacting with variables:

  • Set Variable
  • Create List Variable
  • Create Boolean Variable
  • Append to List Variable
  • Remove from List Variable
  • Remove from List by index
  • Get from List by index
  • Create dictionary
  • Set dictionary key
  • Remove dictionary key
  • Get value for dictionary key
  • Calculate sum of list
  • Calculate average of list
  • Get maximum value of list
  • Get minimum value of list
  • Concatenate string
  • Split string

With the addition of these activities, building automations has never been easier!

The Liberty RPA Team is eager to hear your feedback on the addition of these activities.

Kind regards,