Introducing to the Academy: Learning Groups

Hey everyone,

We are excited to announce the latest update that has been added to the Netcall Academy; the brand-new addition of Learning Groups.

If you are wondering what this new addition will consist of, don’t worry I will give you some insights.

Learning Groups are created by the Academy team, usually upon the initialisation of a training project, and can represent one single organisation or specific teams/departments within an organisation.

Users are assigned to a group, within the group any user assigned as a Group Owner and/or Group Mentor will have the ability to self-manage training content for the other users in the group.

Some special features include inviting existing Academy users to join the group, or even create invitations for non-Academy users to join, enabling them to also create themselves an account within the Netcall Community at the same time! Win win!

As a Group Owner/Mentor training content can be self-managed by assigning specific Learning Paths or individual courses to members of the group to complete. The learning progress can also be tracked for all Group members, giving the ability to assist, and maybe give a gentle reminder, to members of the Group during their learning journey.

Sounds exciting, right?

If you wish to have a Learning Group created for you and your organisation, just ask! Send the Netcall Academy team an email at and they’ll do the rest.

Got any questions? Please do not hesitate to ask, we love hearing from you!

Thank you

Lisa :blush: