Is it possible to resend emails direct from the message object?

Is there any functionality in ‘Rules’ that would allow me to resend record(s) from a message object?

I know I can create a signal to fire rules triggered on the base object related to message object (I’ll need multiple rule as different ‘messages’ need resent) to do this, but was hoping there would be something a bit quicker that would handle all of the different message types in the message object.

Hi Craig,

Welcome back to the Community forum, it’s been a while since you last posted. Let me look into the Rules to check if there is something ‘ready made’ that can resend the record(s) from a message object; will try to suggest a solution.


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Thanks Asif,
I have solved this with rules and a signal, which wasn’t too bad. I’d still be keen to see if there is something that could handle this from the Message object.

Maybe something for the Ideas/Feature voting.

Thanks Craig, it seems there isn’t something ready made under the rules to ‘resend’ emails directly from the message object. A combination of rules and triggers would do the trick but yes, sounds like a good idea to post onto the feature voting page that it should be handled directly from the Message object.