Issue? with CSS applied tvia SUBTABS and PAGETABS

I’ve been working with CSS, and have encountered a behavior that I don’t understand.

Just for practice, I’ve been designing different tab styles using SUBTABS and PAGETABS. I am able to get what I want, so there’s been a little success. :slight_smile:

But, I’ve found that if I have a Viewport with a single Sub-tab, and “Disable sub tab navigation” is checked, then page-tabs are displayed in a div with class SUBTABS. This means that the styles I’ve created via the PAGETABS class are not applied. For example, the tabs displayed in this code snippet are actually page-level tabs:


This means I can’t create distinct styles for subtabs and pagetabs and have them consistently applied. I’d like to have one style for purely “navigation” tabs - SUBTABS, and another for “working” tabs - PAGETABS.

Enabling sub tab navigation on the Viewport makes things work correctly, but now I have screens with a single subtab, and that’s kind of messy.

Is this behavior intentional, and is there a better work-around than the one I’ve found? And, is this the best place to put this, or would the Build Advice section have been more appropriate?



Hi Randy
I’m Tony. I’m the Community Manager. I’ve moved your question to build advice as I think that may be more appropriate.
I’ll get someone to come back to you as soon as possible.
Thanks, Tony