Issue with process- complete case stages not working when automated

We have a process with a decision stage which has rules to autocomplete depending on the value of a subset.

The aim is to have the whole process to automatically complete with no agent input.

As part of the debugging of the issue we have found that if we manually complete the process stage before the decision then the process completes as expected with the rule selecting the correct decision pathway.

However if we automate the completion of the process stage before the decision then the process stops at the decision stage and needs manual intervention to move it forward.

Any ideas for how to resolve this?

Thanks in anticipation!

Hi Kathryn, have you created a rule to auto-complete the Decision point so that key stages beyond the decision point may be completed automatically? If you need help with this please drop me a private message and perhaps we can do a Teams call and figure it out for you. It’s obviously difficult to know exactly where the issue lies without seeing the process itself. Regards - MP

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