Issues to list matching data from different objects

Hi all,

I am working on an application to create and solve help tickets. I have two objects: the object “Ticket” that contains all the information about the ticket; and the object “User” that contains the information of the users in the system.

I am having issues associating one user to each ticket. I think that my problem is the relationships between the object Ticket and the object User.

As you see from the image above, when I display the list, the Forename and the Email Address are empty, and I don’t know why.

The image above shows the relationship that I have between the objects.

The next images shows the list Base/Relationship in my main page:

And my “Create Request” page, that I use to create a new ticket, has the Base Object “Ticket”.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Hi all,

After a quick call with @mark.pearson and @liam.norris I was able to fix this issue.

I had to create 1 rule, like the images below:

Once again, thank you for your help Mark and Liam.

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Another option would be to add the Created By user across your relationship path as a hidden field that is defaulted to the logged in user.

Step 1:
Drag and drop the ‘Relation Selector’ for your ‘User’ across the ‘Created By’ relation path onto your form.

Step 2:
Within settings for the Relationship Dropdown, select ‘Hidden row’ as the wrapper.

Step 3:
Set the default value to Logged in User