Issues with ESRi Map Input Presenter


We’ve installed the above presenter but are having a few issues with it:

  • Lat/Lon input is only partially generated. The Longitude coordinate is missing - {“type”:“Point”,“coordinates”:[-3.3958225830076327

  • The map is not displayed: the ‘find my location’ button has to be clicked first before it displays. This in turn displays the current location and not the saved location (after the record has been saved).

  • There is no map height option in the fragment settings (the installation pdf says there should be one)

  • The layer functionality does not work, nor the boundary.

Has anyone else installed this and come across similar problems ?


This is likely down to the Create version you are using, which I assume is 21.3 or higher?

In 21.3 the GIS features of Create were overhauled, but these Presenters were created quite some time before that. Therefore features like the layers and boundaries did not exist then and so are not supported.

Additionally the format in which lat/long are now stored was changed (from plain delimited text to a geoJSON format) which again these Presenters will not be expecting.

Unfortunately there are no newer versions of these Presenters.


Thanks for the reply. Doesn’t this paragraph on the release notes for 2021.3 imply that it (the presenter) also should have been updated to use geospatial functionality ?

How do we go about getting these presenters updated ?

Apologies, these presenters have now had their version number amended on AppShare and we’re looking into a process to update them.

Hi Mark, this is Mark Pearson. I have been asked to progress this matter for you. I’m looking into how we can resolve this right now, and I will reply back to you once I have news. Best Regards - Mark Pearson

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Hi Mark, could you please drop e a mail at

I have a resolution result for you.

Regards - MP

Hi Mark,

There are 2 esri map presenters on the appshare page. I’ve downloaded both, but neither works: nothing is displayed on the page after it is published.


Thanks, Mark

Also, neither shows the correct version. In the thread above, it says the version numbers have been updated. One shows 2020.1, the other 2020.2. We are on 2021.3.


Hi Mark, did you try the revised version I sent you via email on November 10th?

That mail contained the corrected version of the Presenter.

Regards - MP

I don’t have an email with an attachment from you on the 10th. Please could you resend ?



I have just resent it Mark. Please confirm receipt when it arrives!

Regards - MP

Hi Mark,

Still have not received it.



Hi Mark, could you please check your SFC Spam Filters? We have released the mail and it has cleared our servers and showing as delivered. Please let me know. Best Regards - Mark P.