It is finally here! The newest version of Agile PM2

Hey everyone,

We promised, and we finally got to deliver!

Our newest addition to the AppShare is an updated version of Agile PM that now includes two new features that are sure to impress!

The Ideas and Feedback tools are integrated into the existing handy Project Managements tool, that will allow you to integrate this great functionality into your existing Liberty Create Apps.

So, what will these additions do? The Ideas and Feedback tool will provide an integrated solution to meet the needs of end users and project teams. It will also give end users the ability to submit feedback and register bugs, while Agile PM enables the project team to action feedback items alongside other planned project work.

Find the Agile PM2 app in the AppShare.

You can also watch our Ideas Capture, Agile Project Management & Appointment Booking – a Community live session.

Thank you

Lisa V

HI Lisa, quick question regarding the Projects Interface/Grello board.

Is there any way to set up dependencies between Sprint Stories? Either via linking or a parent/child relationship.

Hi @MarkAdam_Forestry

Apologies for the late reply.

Unfortunately, the Agile PM App does not support dependencies between Sprint Stories.

The aim of the App is to provide ready built bases so that you can hit the ground running with a project.

It would be great if you took the App and added the capability you describe, and then you could share it back to the Community.

Feel free to ask some questions if you need pointers to help you on your way!

thank you!

Lisa V :slight_smile:

Hi Lisa,

That’s a shame, since the idea seemed to have been taken on during the video demo session last year.

Thanks for the reply though! If I were to attempt it, how difficult would you imagine it would be for me to implement?

Hi @MarkAdam_Forestry

It would depend largely on the amount of permitted complexity.

If you only permitted a story to have one pre-requisite, so that you created a one to one relationship between stories, with one end being the pre-requisite and the other being the dependent, adding a gate in the process logic to check that the pre-requisite was satisfied before committing commencement would be relatively simple.

However I am aware that often stories can have multiple dependencies, how you display, edit and administrate these would be slightly more complex.

I would consider cloning your working Agile PM app and having a go at it. You can always return to the forum to ask for help should you get stuck.

Let us know how you get on.