It is finally here! The newest version of Agile PM2

Hey everyone,

We promised, and we finally got to deliver!

Our newest addition to the AppShare is an updated version of Agile PM that now includes two new features that are sure to impress!

The Ideas and Feedback tools are integrated into the existing handy Project Managements tool, that will allow you to integrate this great functionality into your existing Liberty Create Apps.

So, what will these additions do? The Ideas and Feedback tool will provide an integrated solution to meet the needs of end users and project teams. It will also give end users the ability to submit feedback and register bugs, while Agile PM enables the project team to action feedback items alongside other planned project work.

Find the Agile PM2 app in the AppShare.

You can also watch our Ideas Capture, Agile Project Management & Appointment Booking – a Community live session.

Thank you

Lisa V