It’s Christmas puzzle time again!

Have a bit of festive fun on us and try our Christmas treasure hunt!

To get started, first you must find our naughty Christmas elf who is hiding on one of the main Community pages.

With some persuasion, he will give you a clue as to where to go next.

When (if) you find the treasure, post your euphoric self-congratulations as a reply to this blog post!

A photo of your team, basking in their success, would be appreciated!

Good luck, good hunting and happy Christmas!


I found it much harder this year, but got there in the end! Merry Christmas to you all


Well done! We tried to make it tricky! A merry Christmas to you too!

That was tricky!
Thanks for the festive fun and Merry Christmas to you all from Cumbria.


Till next year :wink: Merry Chrimbo!


Thanks Craig, and yes i think Tony Norman got carried away with the riddles this year, have a great Xmas!

Well done Neil, and a happy Xmas to you to.

Fantastic! I never realised Tony and Liam were so limber!


Thanks all and a very happy and peacful christmas!

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Nice one! And a Happy Christmas to you!

I did struggle but got there in the end.

Merry Christmas all


Well done, have a fantastic Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Louise & Alan at the University of the West of Scotland!

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found it!

merry christmas all

Well done Louise and Alan. Have a great Christmas!

and well done Alan. Have a fab Christmas!

Well done! Have a fantastic Xmas!

Thanks for the Christmas fun! Festive greetings from Nicky and Jane in East Lothian

Well done! And a Happy Christmas to you too!

Excellent Christmas Puzzle Guys
Particularly liked the e-learning part! :slight_smile:
Have a merry xmas!