Latest release across Liberty - v23.1

Hey everyone

Did you know that the latest release across Liberty by Netcall® includes updates for Liberty Create and RPA? The new features included in the 2023.1 release include a number of major improvements alongside suggested improvements that came from the Community Ideas Portal!

So, what is included in this new version?

Liberty AI, adds increased functionality and flexibility alongside new models. Improvements include:

  • Model Regeneration – users are now able to retrain existing custom models with an updated dataset, while maintaining existing integrations with RPA or Create and without needing to start again from scratch. This saves time whilst allowing you to continually improve the accuracy of models with new data.
  • Time Series Model – adding this model type allows for the analysis of time-series data to extract meaningful statistics and other characteristics the data. For example, looking at historic data that fluctuates within week, within month and within season to forecast activity in future periods.

Read the Liberty AI and Liberty Controller release notes here -

Liberty Create, adds improvements for performance, resilience and user experience. These include:

  • Architectural Changes – the PHP version the platform runs on has been upgraded to PHP 8, producing a number of core processing improvements to the code. Database Schema changes have been applied which primarily focus on record relationships with the aim to improve the processing speed of relations. Composite caching has been introduced which will also contribute to speed improvements. Test Studio has now been rewritten to continue the work done in v22.3 with some minor usability enhancements
  • Document Reader Service – offering the capability to read the content from documents loaded into Create to allow the data to be used for searching, indexing and general document management.
  • Charting Engine - the charting engine used in Liberty create has been rebuilt. The new charts give more modern styling and will enables a wider range of charting types, using graphs that are more interactive & responsive. Where possible all options from the previous charting library have been implemented & existing configurations will be migrated during the upgrade process.
  • Disk Usage Monitoring - a request from a number of clients and partners. We have now added Disk Usage Monitoring within Monitor Studio. A new page will allow you to understand where your disk space is being used for each App Environment.
  • Column Visibility Interaction - any number of columns are now able to be toggled on/off, important for larger, more complicated solutions. It has also been possible to deliver over 20 requests from the Community Portal, including: improvements to Password Reset function, enhancements to SMTP settings and many more!

Read the Liberty Create release notes here -

Liberty RPA, adds performance / resilience improvements as well as enhancements to the UI / UX for more advanced Liberty RPA users. These include:

  • Python Upgrade to 3.9
  • Resilience updates including documentation updates and improved logging
  • Improvements to the controller to enhance user experience:
    • Users are now able to assign data types to parameters in the Liberty Controller to pass onto Liberty RPA studio
    • To maximise bot utilisation and increase productivity, users can now link the flows to bots to be executed at specific times of the day.
  • Studio improvements make life simpler for developers, these include:
    • Adding URL to ‘open browser’ actions
    • Testing of recorded wand samples
    • Improvements to the way the Canvas looks and works

Read the Liberty RPA release notes here -

If you’d like to suggest feature enhancements, or see the requests, head over to the Ideas Voting Portal.

Thank you

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