Liberty Converse - Hiding Queues

Hi All, is there a way to hide queues, whilst keeping them visible to the group the queue belongs to only?

Hi Katie. You can hide queues from the Directory. This would still allow them to be visible within your reporting and Dashboards but unavailable to be transferred to within the Directory. You cannot hide a Queue from other groups. It is either all or nothing.

Could you advise on the use case of wanting this feature so we can understand the workflow?



Hi Jonathan, Thank you.

We have many different services using the Converse system, most totally unrelated.

We do not transfer between services using ‘Queues’, we transfer interactions using the public published number or email address for that service. That way the customer gets the IVR/auto response.

A great example of why this would be benefit us (as a Local Gov), is we have ‘Customer Services’ and ‘Housing Back Office’ using the system, both separate groups. However, Customer Services are the ‘First point of Contact’ for Housing. So the Customer Services and Housing Back Office queues are worded very similar, but not used to transfer between. The wording being similar, confuses staff. I know it has the group name underneath, but we would rather keep groups separate where needed if possible.

We also have services like our Theatre using the system, Customer Services doesn’t need to see their queues, vice versa.

Hope this makes sense! :slight_smile: