Liberty Create 10.4 breaks cover in Netcall

This week Netcall staff were treated to a demo of the latest Create version 10.4. And the outstanding star of the release is undoubtedly the new test studio.

I think Test Studio is going to be a massive benefit to all Create users, it lets you quickly build automated tests which can then be run manually, or scheduled to run against any model. And these test which you design, highlight issues saving hours repetitive QA testing.

So as you work though a new project (especially one shared between several builders), or as you make incremental improvements to an existing model, you can do this even faster. We will have more information to follow very soon…

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Absolutely Dave, it was great to see in action!

If you want some more detail on Code Studio, i have just added an overview in the Coming Soon section, have a look any any questions just post a comment.