Liberty Create Accelerator for Appointment Waiting List letters

Appointment Waiting List letters - a hot topic right now in the NHS
Have a look at how Netcall turned a requirement for University Hospital Southampton NHS into a working delivered digital delivery in a week.

In addition, this Liberty Create Accelerator is now available for download on the AppShare.

This Accelerator is a feature rich, but simple, solution to deliver digital communications to NHS Patients who are on waiting lists that have been disrupted, in this case due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This solution has been developed in conjunction with University Hospital Southampton (UHS) which is a leading UK Global Digital Exemplar (GDE). GDEs are internationally recognised NHS providers delivering improvements in the quality of care through the world-class use of digital technologies and information.

To support the mandate from NHS England, all trusts in England are required to contact their waiting-list patients to establish if they still need their operation/procedure, or if their situation has changed. The application is highly flexible and allows for configurable messages to be sent and tailored responses to be captured. All in a secure, intuitive manner.

Naturally this application is transferable to any scenario where waiting lists, or scheduled tasks are disrupted and follow up communication is required.

Hope you get chance to have a look.
Cheers, Tony

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