Liberty Create - COVID-19 Emergency Alert Show And Tell 3rd April 3:00pm

Getting messages to groups of people quickly and easily is more essential than ever at the moment. This interactive workshop will show you how to install and use the Liberty Create COVID-19 Emergency Alert Accelerator

This show and tell is free to all customers, and is available now in the catalogue on the Community. It can be found by navigating to Training – eLearning, searching for the course name (COVID-19 Emergency Alert Show And Tell) or by changing the product suite to Instructor led training. You can then enrol there and will be sent the invitation.

Feel free to reply to this topic with comments, suggestions or questions, both before and after the event.


Hi Tony
I have been trying to enrol on the COVID 19 Emergency Alert show tomorrow at 15:00 but it’s not coming up in my eLearning catalogue?

Many thanks

Hi Karen
Does your screen look like this?

Note - at the very top, Courses is selected and not Learning Paths.
On the left, I have selected Instructor Led Training and then clicked Apply
Also, be sure to navigate to the page via the Community.
Let me now how you get on.

Hi Tony, under the Product suite drop down menu on the left I only have ‘All Product Suites’ and ‘Liberty Converse’. There isn’t an option for Instructor Led Training.

Hi Karen
I’ve just got our training bods to check some stuff.
Can you have another look now please?
Thanks, Tony

Hi Tony,

I’m trying to enroll on to this course and i am having the same issue as @cskel.

Please can you have a look.


I don’t have the instructor led training option. How do I get this please?

If you are having trouble getting to the course just post here and I will message you with a link.
Cheers, Tony