Liberty Create Nest App Show-and-tell - Thursday 1st April 2021

In this session Asif Kundi and Lewis Gallagher will take you through Nest.

Nest is our Customer Support application and Customer Portal that allows users to instigate and handle Support or Helpdesk style interactions, including raising new and processing cases. Built using the Liberty Create platform, it now delivers a single application to manage support cases across your business for recording all customer support activities. Hopefully this can help supersede legacy, and sometimes expensive, applications (in-house / off the shelf) for recording all customers’ support activities.

Initially this includes Managing Incidents, Fulfilling Service Requests and Requests for Change. Users can access information, log new cases, see the status of their other open cases, and receive automated progress updates. We envisage through the Netcall Community and ongoing Netcall development that new Case Types, Processes and wider functionality will grow and we encourage users to share these ideas and suggestions amongst the wider Community.

As an accelerator, optional integration into Directory solutions, CRMs and Netcall Solutions, such as Liberty Converse or Liberty Connect, are available. We hope that this application will help you transform the way your customers or colleagues interact with you, helping to optimise your Support Desk workflow along the way.

What is Nest?

A Netcall Community Accelerator to provide the backbone to support activities underpinned by the Agility of Low Code. A starting pot of Case Types including Incidents, Change and Service Requests which will broaden over time via your own development or via the Netcall Community. The aim is to eliminate friction and introduce elements of self-service and automations to Service Desk activities.

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