Liberty Create Product Update: v2021.2 and v2021.3 - Friday 17th September - 2:30pm

You’ll hear it here first- next Friday, 17th September at 2:30pm we have our product manager Paul Frossell and core test and documentation manager Ali Bandali showing the latest features that the most recent Liberty Create version, 2021.2 has to offer- and giving us a first look at what’s to come in the v2021.3 update!

v2021.2, released earlier this year, saw the introduction of Product Mode, which lets you lock down the deployed configuration of an app you’ve shared with other organisations, and the ability to tag which components are likely to change depending on which organisation is using it- we also saw updates to Code Studio with components like access checks and record search filters, and Test Studio supporting file uploads for playback and recording. See the release notes for v2021.2 here.

v2021.3 has many new updates ready and waiting too- including new mapping functionality. Join us on Friday the 17th at 2:30pm to hear more by emailing for an invite.