Liberty Create user permissions

Is there a user permission for Liberty create that will allow users to produce reports without giving them Administrator access?

Hello. What sort of reports are you trying to give access to?

Based on the phrasing, I’d assume it’s Monitor Studio reports - permission to see these can be controlled in Security > Studio Access, so you can give specific roles access to either View or perform Actions.

Take a look at for a little more information on the studio access controls.

Hi Nicola - good to talk earlier. The reports in question are essentially in a separate Interface. So you have Advisors who can see one Interface, Managers / Admin who can see both the Agent and Reporting / Admin Interface. You now need a Role for some colleagues that can only see Reporting.

This is easily achievable, and indeed most parts of the platform can have restrictions / permissions applied from pages and beyond.

I’ll speak to the team who built the app you’re using and let you know the outcome.