Liberty Create - v23.1 Updates


We’ve always been ‘Customer Obsessed’ at Netcall and have recently supported five organisations with some priority changes needed to deliver solutions on the Liberty Create Platform.

For anyone running Liberty Create v23.1, fully patch your build environment to take advantage of the following new features;

  • Allow 10 decimal places for Decimals

Allow Data Types with “Decimal” Base Format to have up to 10 decimal places (instead of current 7) for the reading, editable and validation settings.

  • API Connections OAuth - JWT Client Authentication

The addition of a new Client authentication method “JWT signed using private key” when configuring oAuth.

  • Option to choose Custom Domain when launching an environment

Previously you needed to have a custom domain setup before create an application, you can now select this when launching your live environment at a later date.

  • Added support for SLO URL for SAML SSO providers

Create now supports the non-standard SLO URL for MyGovScot MyAccount.

  • Allow Order field in Subsets and Fields Changed Rules

Allow the Order Attribute to be used in Subset criteria, and within the Trigger of Fields Changed rules.

Cheers, Tony