Liberty RPA Email Trigger Attachments

We have started using out first flows triggered by emails and it is working ok, we have had another use case where instead of including the details in the body of the email they have attached a pdf worksheet. I have worked on the ability to read PDFs in bots and that is working but what I don’t understand is if the attachment from the email triggering the event can be passed to the bot job?

Hi David,

Excellent question.

Currently you can not attach binary files to Jobs as parameters. Have you perhaps considered the solution to use a centralized file store which is accessible by your Bots? You can then pass the path or identifier of the file you’d like to pass through with the Job as a parameter. Typically this is a shared network drive or folder which the Bots can access.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Koen, we do have SFTP but it is a bit of a pain due to being central controlled. Our potential customer currently has it set up to email everything and that would require them to change processes.

However we can set up Zapier to automatically pick up the email from the supplier and save the file to Google Drive, which we have drive visibility on the bot machine. Just finished setting it up and it works lovely.