Lock holder won't populate in list widget

I am trying to make sure that our field “Lock Holder” [L] Lock holder populates.
This is visible when I use a nuggets widget - we have it set to the logged in user who has that case/deal open.
However when trying to use this field in a list widget I can’t get it to show, no matter the object?
any ideas are appreciated, Thanks!

Assuming you have Locking configured on the Viewport, this should work as expected, but can be tricky to test on your own as you need to use different users on different browsers.

As an example, if you have a listing page showing Cases, and one of the columns on that list is the Lock Holder for a specific Viewport (which has Locking enabled). You click through from the list into an individual Case record, opening in the Viewport in question. You will hold the lock on that record, until you navigate to another page/record (or the lock expires). If you now try to go back to the Listing page, even in another tab or browser, you will lose the lock and therefore will never see yourself listed as the lock holder.

You would need to visit the Listing page as a different user in another browser (or browser profile), in order to see the Lock Holder populated.

If that’s not the issue then let me know.