Many to Many in an API response

Hi all

I’m using the tag widget downloaded from the app-share in a programme management tool i’ve built.

It requires a many to many between project and tag, which makes sense, as usually i’d put a join object between the tag and the project)

I’ve built an API for doing some stuff in Power BI, but the API is only returning the first tag for each project, not all the tags.

Has anyone else had experience using a many-to-many in an API response?


Hi Kevin
I have asked the guys and there was some head-scratching! We’ll be back to you as soon as possible.
Cheers, Tony

Hi Kevin
I had a very similar issue some time ago but the other way round - in my case, I was picking up each -to-many object in turn but then overwriting it with the next! If you want to PM me with the full Create payload/response definitions (There looks like an indent on the first line above) and an example of the actual packets received/sent (?POSTMAN or Power BI logging) I am more than happy to go over them.


Thanks Rich, I will do that now