MATS V10.1 Released

There are many new features to help business and professional developers in MATS V10.1:

    • Booking functionality that lets you configure calendars, availability and resources with ease and flexibility.
    • We’ve gone beyond basic GDPR requirements to help organisations deal with privacy in shared services environments and simplify data retention policies.
    • There are more changes to improve access with the ability to create firewall and access profiles.
    • Professional developers will appreciate Code Studio updates and a brand-new feature to simplify presentation of 3rd party system information using iFrames.
    • And, last but not least, as part of our ever-growing multi-channel capabilities, a configurable “Text to speech” translator is now available out of the box.

Though you might want to see this in more detail, there is a really good MATS V10 3 minute vid that is worth a watch.

We also have some other resources if anyone thinks this might be useful let me know and i can include those as well.

That’s great news, well done MatsSoft what an achievement!
We’ll finally be able to get rid of booking bug!