Mini progress bar in list of cases

I have a service which has a list of active cases. The service area have asked if it’s possible to include a progress bar in the list.

I can’t think of a way and I wondered if anybody else has done this or something similar. This department are keen on things being very visual, hence the progress bar request, but they may be swayed by something similar if visual.


Hi Cathy, many moons ago I had a similar situation and the way I got around it was to use a bar chart flipped horizontally. I used a single data range, based on a field which represented “Percentages of completion”, if memory serves me well.

So you could have a choice field, for example, where the choices are 0% (Default), 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%, and set the choice as the item progresses, and use that field to drive your horizontal progress bar. You can set the colour of the bar to suit your needs, and the scales to reflect what you are trying to show.

This is obviously a bit of a fudge, but in situations where you aren’t dealing with actual CASES (Where you can use the Case Progress Bar, this is a viable option for providing some kind of visual representation of “Progress”.

Just a suggestion that might help!

Regards - Mark Pearson (AppShare Manager)

Maybe a coloured status tag from a choice field or composite with subsets would give a clearer indication of where a case is than a %? E.g. Case list pages - MoJ Design System

Cathy is the progress of a case process you are referring to or something you are quantifying as a percentage?

If you have a composite (Number of Items divided by what you are measuring), you can present that as a progress bar straight out of the box.

Thank you for your responses.
Things have moved on with the service at the request of the internal customer and these changes have resolved the issue I was facing. It’s very good of everyone to try to help.