Modifying the 'History' tooltip pop up page

We are having some issues with the diagnosis of failed form completion where there is a 3rd party form loaded as url redirect. We have a diagnostic page which we can view field history on but the times are just in Date HH:MM format. Ideally we need to see Date %H:%M:%S:%F ie showing seconds and milliseconds as well, in order to reconcile this with our 3rd party provider.

Is it possible to configure the tooltip popup connected to the “history clock” ?

Hi Richard,

Unfortunately we do not currently show that layer of granularity or have an option to modify how it is shown. Could you please add this is as an idea in community and link it back here. We can then start a dialog to see if it’s something we could entertain.

Many Thanks

Thanks Adam.

I have added it to the Ideas forum here

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Hi Richard,

In the meantime, if it is important enough, you could build your own object to hold field value history for the important fields.

You could use the “Fields changed” event to trigger the creation of a relation in a new “field history” object. (Depending on your exact needs, this might require one rule per field to do it concretely.) Within the record representing the changed field, you could save the field id/name, new value, the time and any other meta data useful for investigations.

Note that times in Create are generally saved to the second. Therefore, to record milliseconds, you would probably need to use Code Studio to get the milliseconds and save that in a text/integer field.

If implementing something like this, consider the cost of processing time and disk usage.

Just a thought.


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