Multiple contacts in email boxes

Hi all,
is there a delimiter that can be used to separate email addresses in order to send/CC/BCC more than one recipient at a time? We have tried using ; as in outlook, but this doesn’t seem to work…

Hi Jo,
I have tried creating a recipient with comma (,) separated email addresses and it seems you can actually do it when you set the ‘source’ as ‘fixed’. There might be other ways of doing it but following is how I achieved it.
When you select ‘fixed’ (while creating a recipient) a text box appears for the list of email addresses and that is where you can add multiple emails.
The help text against this field says: “The fixed email address(es) you wish to send your message to. Use a comma (,) as the delimiter to separate the email addresses.”

Sorry Asif, I’m not very clear, can that field be made visible to users in the front end interface, or do I have to always send to the same list of users?
I specifically need users to be able to send an email to more than one recipient/CC/BCC etc.
Many thanks


Hi Jo,
When you are adding a message set the ‘Recipient Source’ to Interface. That should give you what you are looking for while creating the message on User side (without creating a fixed-recipient on build side).

Please check the screenshot below for details:

And here is a screenshot which shows delimited list of email addresses:

Please feel free to send me an email if you require further assistance.


Hi Asif,
Am I correct in thinking this can only be applied to freeform emails?

Thanks for all your help

Hi Jo,

Yes the free form options for TO, CC and BBC field appear only when the Content-Source is selected to be the following:

Free form
Free form reply
Free form forward

Please check the following screenshot for details:

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