Netcall Mobile Offline/Weak Signal Area

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone has is actively using Netcall out and about for mobile officers, particularly in a partially offline capacity.
Our mobile officers cover a large very rural area and often experience issues with patchy, or non-existent service, wondering if anyone has built anything that works well in a similar situation using NC?



The Netcall Mobile App available for Apple allows for you to generate offline-capable case management and forms for your mobile workforce directly in Create.

For further information please review the “Liberty Create Mobile App” training course within eLearning on Community.

If you have any further questions please get in touch.

Hi Adam,
yes that’s why we are so interested but wanted to know if anyone was already using the functionality in the wild, or if we’d be pioneering something.


Morning Jo,

Yes, the functionality is very much being used, we have a council that is using it for their bulky waste program, supplying it to their third-party contractor with a collection schedule produced from bookings entered into Citizen Hub / Create, like you they can’t rely on a reliable mobile signal at all times.
We have others using it for incident reporting, making use of the offline forms capabilities.

If you would like me to put you in touch please let me know.

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