New eLearning courses for Converse and Create added!

Hi all,

The Netcall training team is pleased to announce that two new E-Learning courses have been added to the myNetcall E-Learning Portal.

Liberty Converse: Dialogue Builder Essentials

Dialogue Builder is a mainstay of the Liberty Converse platform allowing customers to create IVR applications from simple messages to multi layered menu systems and beyond. This new eLearning course provides delegates with an introduction to the core elements of working with Dialogue Builder by using the requirements of a fictitious organisation to plan, design and build a Dialogue based on best practices. It includes documentation and practical walkthroughs that the customer can complete on their system with tangible outcomes to show for their work.

An Introduction to working with APIs in Liberty Create

This Liberty Create eLearning course introduces the concept of working with APIs in Create. It demonstrates examples of how a Generic REST and a Generic SOAP API are configured to pull data in to Liberty Create from an external source along with an example of how to configure Liberty Create to expose an API Endpoint to allow an external source to consume data within it.

Both courses are available to all Netcall Community Users. Navigate to training. Then just search for the course name within the Catalogue section of the myNetcall Training Portal.

If you have any problems accessing the myNetcall Portal or questions about either course, drop a line to and they’ll be happy to help.

Cheers, Tony