New examples part 2

Down below some additional examples that can be accesed through the Liberty RPA Studio splash screen:

Automate Legacy Calendar App with Wand
Repetitive tasks are a perfect fit for a robot. This legacy calendar app has no option to book for multiple dates, so for this solution we want to set up a meeting with someone every 2nd Friday of the month. Using Wand to navigate through the user interface (UI), the robot can click and type in the fields for as long as we want to robot to book meetings.

Web scraping,
Use the Chrome browser to scrape search results from DuckDuckGo and generate a report using the variable operations and reporting activities.

Create PowerPoint from Wikipedia-page
Automation processes often include moving data from one place to another. In this solution we will be moving data from the web to a PowerPoint presentation. The first step is to get data from the web, in this case Wikipedia. Getting data in this way is sometimes referred to as web scraping, web harvesting, or web data extraction. The robot splits the text by paragraph and writes each to an empty PowerPoint slide. This example illustrates the ease with which a robot can take large amounts of data and move it across applications and systems.

Working with Excel Data
Liberty RPA contains many activities to automate virtually anything in Excel that a business user can do manually. This example shows you some of the most common activities an Excel user can use to automate basic Excel operations.