New feature added to The Academy - Bulk invite multiple users to join your group

Hey everyone,

We have a brand-new feature that has been added to The Academy Learning Group functionality.

You now have the ability to bulk invite multiple users to join your group!

Each Learning Group is created by the Academy team, usually upon the start of a training project, and can represent a single organisation or a specific team/department within your organisation.

So how does it work? Users are assigned to a group, and within the group any user assigned as a Group Owner and/or Group Mentor has the ability to invite other users to join the group and self-manage training content for other group members.

Up until now, users could only be invited to join a group one at a time, a fairly time-consuming exercise if a few people needed to be invited. Now, multiple users can be invited to join the group by populating a simple template and uploading it in to the Academy. Nice and simple!

If you wish to have a Learning Group created for you and your organisation, just ask!

Send the Netcall Academy team an email at and they’ll do the rest!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask :blush:

Thank you

Lisa V

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