New features included across Liberty in the v2022.3 release!

Hey everyone,

We’ve recently had some new features released, including a number of major improvements. Which are the following:

Liberty Create, our powerful low-code software development platform adds improvements to your user experience;

  • Dashboard - an improved look and feel has been applied to optimise navigation and provide easier access. This will now provide users with faster access to their recent build work.
  • User Interface (UI) refresh - updating styling and ensuring a consistent look and feel throughout all the studios so that it’s always easy to flow through the content.
  • Dropdown filters - enabling users whose applications are more complex to locate components faster and with greater ease.
  • Back-end Re-factoring - providing a smoother, more performant experience
  • Additional features - multiple enhancements including global subsets, greater control over snapshots (system back-ups) and many, many more

Read the Liberty Create release notes:

Liberty RPA, our AI-powered robotic process automation tool, adds a number of improvements to the UI / UX for more advanced users;

  • Python Code Node – now possible to run a selection of your Python Code in a couple of clicks by highlighting, right-clicking and selecting ‘Run Selection’.
  • Python Code Note Properties Window – this can now be resized and moved across screens, allowing for greater flexibility whilst developing.
  • New global variables – allowing more dynamic flows and fewer complex connections.
  • Liberty RPA Console – the Console window can now be popped out of the Liberty RPA Studio window allowing for easy consultation of previously performed activities, easier debugging and easier interactive development.
  • Additional activities in the Utilities section, mainly around string operations and improved string matching with integrated fuzzy logic.

Read the Liberty RPA release notes:

Liberty AI, our machine learning (ML) solution adds richer insights and enhancements to your data in this release allowing users to get more information out of AI requests.

  • Generating Profile Reports – users are now able to generate reports to analyse data and assess its suitability for model training.
  • Logging AI requests in Liberty Create – when conducting predictions in Liberty Create from a trained AI model, it is now possible to output and log the prediction request. This allows users to assess, analyse and make improvements to their AI model.

Read the Liberty AI and Liberty Controller release notes:

If you’d like to suggest feature enhancements, or see the requests, head over to the Feature Voting Portal.

Thank you