Newly Added to AppShare: SafeDesk Version 5.0!

Hey everyone,

Did you know SafeDesk had an update? We are glad to share with you version 5.0 that is available on the AppShare right now!

We wish to always improve your experience when using our products so we are always looking at ways to make your experience the best one possible. The latest version of SafeDesk includes:

  • Lone Worker
  • Room Membership and Restriction
  • Attribute Audit Report
  • Booking Blocking by Area Type (Desk/Meeting Room)
  • Custom Agenda Screen Message to Users
  • New “At Risk” Alerting with fully customisable Alert Messages
  • Improved Live Dashboard and Who’s In views
  • New Direct Reports function
  • Improved More Info view in User interface

To find out more information about these new additions, you can access the newest version of SafeDesk here.

We hope the latest update of SafeDesk improves your user experience!

If not, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions!