Next Round of Module Development

We are actively looking at the next round of Module development. We are currently looking at the areas detailed below, if you have a particular interest in any of these areas or think that some should be given a higher priority than others then please get in touch.

Likewise if you think there are other higher priority areas that you would like us to deliver as modules then please provide some information in your reply and we will be in touch to discuss in more detail.

  • Benefit Applications

    • Benefits - Discretionary Housing Payment application
    • Benefits - Enquiry form
    • Benefits - Change in circumstance
    • Welfare Rights – Attendance Allowance Questionnaire
    • Welfare Rights – Disability Living Allowance For Child Questionnaire
    • Business rates forms
    • Business Rates - Small Business Bonus Scheme review form
    • Business Rates - Enquiry form
    • Business Rates - Request a Refund
    • Business Rates - Change of Liability - Vacating Property
    • Business Rates – Business Growth Accelerator Relief
    • Business Rates – Day Nursery Relief
    • Business Rates - Empty property Relief
    • Business Rates - Small Business Bonus Scheme
    • Business Rates - Change of liability - Register for Business Rates
    • Business Rates - Application for Relief
  • Updates to existing Council Tax records

    • Council Tax - Landlord reporting a change
    • Council Tax - Moving out of area
    • Council Tax - Change in circumstances
    • Council Tax - Enquiry form
    • Council Tax - Deceased
    • Council Tax - Discount and Exemption Review
    • Council Tax - Payment card request
    • Council Tax - Major Structural Repairs
    • Council Tax - Student change of circumstances
    • Council Tax - Request a Refund
  • Applying for Licences/Permits

    • Applying to be on the waiting list for an allotment
    • Pavement Licences
    • Personal Licence to sell Alcohol
    • Taxi and Private hire licence
    • Motor Salvage Operators Licence (Scrap Metal Dealer)
    • Applying to become a licenced venue for Civil Ceremonies
    • Premise Licence (to sell alcohol)
    • Personal Licence to sell alcohol
    • Hypnotism Permit

Thanks @SimonPike - great list, looking forward to receiving feedback on this!

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out to Simon or me :slight_smile:

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