Non virus-related news!

News of some recent additions to the AppShare!

Loqate Address Lookup Widget
This is a PAF (Postcode Address File) Widget that uses the API service from [formerly Addressy, PostcodeAnywhere and Matchcode360].
Loqate offers extremely powerful search features that require an extremely capable search widget.
Loqate allows you to search not just on a post code, but on any part of an address in-full, or partial.
Depending on your search definition, the search, which uses “find”, will return a list of matched addresses. If your selected option has another level of detail (e.g. selecting a flat block), a second narrower search list will be offered in the same drop-down after selection.

Word Count Validator Plugin
This Field Validator ensures that a minimum number of words have been entered into a Text Field. Imagine a mandatory text-field box for ‘Describe Your Fault’ Those people who just put ‘it’s broken’ will now be stopped in their tracks.
The number of words defaults to five, but this can be amended at any time in Code Studio.

Healthcare Personas Accelerator
OK, so this one is quite virus-related.
The Healthcare Personas Skills Management Accelerator is a visual tool that facilitates the management of skills and capabilities available from specific roles and bands with the competency levels and expiry dates of certification.

Its role is to complement Electronic Staff Record solutions to provide a more intuitive and accessible Skills Matrix to help Trusts ensure they have adequate coverage It also reduces the risk of certification expiry being missed.
Always important, but particularly so at this time.

Stay safe. Cheers, Tony

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Thank yo Tony, I imagine that the Healthcare Personas Accelerator could be applicable to all industries in management of ‘Key Workers/Skills’