Numeric Calculation Composites


I am looking to create numeric calculations through composites. Myself and others in my team have no experience of these, we have tried creating the form to input the values then show the result in subsequent pages. After creating the composite, all calculations are showing their answer as 0. Does anyone know how these need to be configured in order to correctly present the answer.


Hi @JessEvang ,

It will be based on the configuration of your composite and whether/not the data is populated, so it would be hard to advise without seeing the configuration.

However, one thing to check; Text and Numeric composites have the option to allow you to choose what format to output your data in, so this might be one thing worth checking. So if you are calculating decimals, but you want to output a monetary value, then that’s what this allows you to do.

Otherwise, if you feel it’s correct and the data for the calculation is there, can you post a screenshot of your Numeric Calculation composite’s configuration?


The different properties are all set as money within the data object

Hi @JessEvang ,

Hmm, interesting. The configuration looks correct, and i’m assuming that the ‘Data type’ selected in the composite is configured correctly too, as well as the record data being there too.

That being said, i’d advise raising a support ticket so that this can be investigated further.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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