Numerical Calculation composite - Displaying created record

Hi all!

So I have ran into a block with a feature we are working on.

We have a form where people can choose to have bulky waste collected.

I have created rules to set a price dependent on what is chosen.

Example. A customer there first Item, its sets the price to 14.00,
if the choose a second item its sets that item to 7.50

When the form is submitted it creates a new record of the items chosen, the rules also trigger to set the price of each item.

I then have a numerical calculation composite to add up each item, this works as I have a “test” Sum of total that adds up correctly.

What I am missing to to somehow just show the total in a information widget after the calculation has been done. I’m sure I missing something simple… but i just do not seem to get it to show…

Hi William,

Thank you for posting on the community forum. From your question it seems you are doing everything correctly but the final bit of showing the sum is somehow not working for you. It might be a wrong context record or are you simply not able to drag and drop the composite into the Information Widget??

From your scenario it seems you are showing a List Edit and creating new records based upon the selected records, and eventually setting their prices ($14, £7 etc). One you have submitted the form and possibly triggered an event (to fire the rule to carry out calculations etc) the page should refresh and if you are in the correct context record, it should show the composite with the ‘updated value’ in the widget as expected.

When you say ’ I just do not seem to get it to show’, does that mean it is showing a blank value or are you not able to drag and drop the composite in the widget? Please confirm if it is the wrong context record, blank value or the final composite is not available for your Information Widget?


Hey Asifkund, thanks for getting back to me!

I have uploaded a couple of images of a test page i am using to get this working.

The page is 2 widgets, first one is a form with the questions. (Choice drop downs) with a submit button.
the second has is the information widget, I want that to show the prices and the total.

As you can see from the image, I get - on the prices, but the sum of bulky waste is showing the running total. (a lot of tests lol)

The other image shows the Build view.

Looking at the detective, all the events and rules are triggering desired.

Hope yo can help


Hi William,

Please check the screenshot below for your scenario I tested. It seems to work just fine
with the first widget as ‘Form’ and second as ‘Information’ widget with the composite calculating a running total as your suggested. I have a base object for the page too.


The composite I have is as following:


Can you spot any obvious difference with your composite or widgets?


Hi Asif,

Still haven’t been able to get this working.

Does the composite in your example above calculate the total before you press the submit button ?


Hi Will,
No the total is calculated after you press the submit button i.e. once the values for Item 1, Item 2 are saved. Can you please send a screenshot of your composite configs?

Hi Asif,

Sure I can, please see below.

The Base Objects are the same, and when i press submit it saves the record. but i still only see “-” in the composite.

Just to add to that, please see below detective snippets showing the rules triggering and the saved records indicating a price has been set. at this point is when i would expect the composite to show the total, in this case it would be 14 + 7.50

Thanks for your help.


William and I had a discussion on this issue today over the phone and managed to show the ‘running total’ composite as required.

Here is the cause of the issue and outcome of our discussion:

The problem was around the base object of this page. It was set to a non relevant object. Also the information widget which showed the ‘Total Price’ composite was out of context for the given record.

Once we set the base object correctly and displayed a list of records with the composite added, it showed the running total as expected.

The rules William created were triggering and setting the values just fine.