OAUTH2 Generic Rest API set up

Hi All

This is my first time setting up OAUTH2 in LibCre.

I have set up the server side to accept the application onmats redirect_uri and added in the ID and secret and auth and token URLS but I keep hitting an error - invalid client.

This is after I have authorised the site to access.

The get token post requires a code value (returned from the authorize request) but I cannot check it has received anything.

Is there a way to debug this a bit more (see the connection payloads and response?)


Hi Simon

Thanks for reaching out.

What grant type are you using? (Authorization Code | Client Credentials)


Using Authorization Code

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the information.

When clicking the “Start OAuth” link next to the “Enable OAuth 2.0” setting after saving the API Connection, You should be taken to the defined OAuth server “Authorize” endpoint, where you can authenticate, approve the client use on which you should be redirected back to Create and see a “Authentication success” notification appear if everything is correct (See below screenshot).


Are you seeing this notification or erroring when accessing your OAuth server?