Object Filesize

Hi guys, is there a way to get the object file size, ie is it 1Mb or 100Kb, that kind of information. This would be helpful when we are making decisions on what requires off-platform archiving.
Thanks, Bob.

Hi, we are just finishing our upgrade to 2023,1 and have found the new disk usage tab in the monitor studio really helpful for this. It would however be nice to see this data in an object config tab too.

See screenshot attached - we have a lot of work to do on our message and attachment objects

Hi @kevin.rowe - I notice your top size is the message objects eml files - if your users don’t actively download the eml files (e.g. to extract the message to view in Outlook), you can set a retention setting for them independently of the rest of the record, potentially saving yourself that disk space. Look for a setting called “Retain email content files for” in the message object, data retention tab.

Hi, I had asked previously about this setting but was still awaiting an answer. This is great news for us. Thanks!