Offline availability of form

We have a service that is about to be tested, it will be used by officers onsite and we have come across a potential issue.

The service involves the officer completing quite a long, online form which has been created as a pop-up. They will be using a tablet (probably iPad) to complete this and where possible they will have WiFi or 3/4G however this can’t be guaranteed over the whole district.

Is there a way to make the pop-up available offline to then sync when they are reconnected. It is quite a long form so I am aware of upload/download times and also storage on any device.

I’ve done the online training regarding the mobile app but it’s not quite what I need and doesn’t allow for a pop-up page being used.

Hi @CathyS ,

Popup pages are supported and work in online mode on the mobile app. However, I can see why you’d want to support long popup pages, for the purpose of submitting data, in offline mode too.

Currently, popup pages don’t open when you’re in offline mode. However, we’ll investigate whether this is feasible to support in offline mode and get back to you shortly.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @CathyS ,

Good news! We’ve now implemented a new version of the Mobile App (1.12.53) which will allow you to utilise popup pages in offline mode. In addition to this, you’ll also need to update your Liberty Create application to the latest patches, to utilise this change.

This implementation will work in exactly the same way as normal interface forms, whereby in offline mode the popup will be submitted, but once you’re online again the record will be added.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This is excellent, it’s going to get us over one of the hurdles so testing can really move forward.
Thank you for keeping me up to date on this.
Cathy :slight_smile: