Override attributes created date and created by for imports

Should it possible to ovveride the created date and created by values when importing historical data? When setting up the import file type and defining the columns the attributes can be selected and save can be set against them, but following the import the values are the user who ran the import and the time the import was run.

As they appear as options to import to is this a bug?


If you are importing historical data into liberty it would be best to import all data you want to store in the properties.

If you create a property and map the historical created date to here, you will then have reference to this date and will still be able to access the date created attribute to know when this record was created in liberty.

I’m unsure if it is a bug but it could be, as to my understanding the attributes against objects are pre-written and shouldn’t be mapped to, which is potentially why you are having these issues.

Hope this helped,

Hi Jon,

Some attributes can be written to, some cannot.

“Username” is an example of a writeable attribute.

“Date created” and “Date modified” cannot be written to. Only the system should be able to write their values. So yes, it doesn’t make sense to have ‘Save’ available in the Import configuration (though match/link theoretically could be used). Netcall may wish to disable the ‘Save’.

I don’t think there is an attribute that corresponds to “Created by”.


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Thank you for the responses. We went down the route of using new date/time properties instead which were populated for the imported records and then created a rule for new records created in the application to copy the created date into the property so that all reports/listings etc could use the same property.