Page_path in 'get_settings'

In a presenter, I’d like the builder to be able to select a page to redirect to (either an interface page or an authenticated webpage).
I’m using the ‘get_settings’ method in the main.js, but using the ‘base_format’ of ‘page_path’ the builder doesn’t get the option for an authenticate page, i.e.

get_settings: function() {
return {
csid: ‘page_path’,
main_label: ‘Page for redirect’,
base_format: ‘page_path’

This only lets them select ‘Specific page’, ‘Object default page’, ‘This page, Shortcut’, ‘Interface landing page’ and not Authenticated.
Is there a different base_format I should be using for that?

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We had a similar issue when trying to do the same and found that we had to use a base format of choice:

path_destination: {
	main_label: "Successful Return Page (Authenticated)",
	base_format: 'choice',
	choices: cs.build_choices('page', {type:['webpage_auth']}),
	settings: {
		required: true

The only difference for us is that we wanted to restrict it to authenticated webpages, but you might be able to remove the type from the choices to get what you’re after.


Yes, that sounds exactly right - thanks for your help Ewan!