Page "Read Only" permissions on user role/conditions basis

Anyone had any experience with setting a pages permissions based on a user role + conditions, This also needs to be permisison based to make it read only and not to make it visible,
Can’t see where this would be built anyone point me in the right direction?
thanks in advance!

Hi Josh,

A good question. Page permissions can be factored by a number of things, primarily Role or Privilege allowing general access to a page. Pages with a base object can also be coupled with visibility relationships or subsets but again primarily point you down a single avenue. The alternative for general permissions where you wish to factor multiple things is to use a Code Studio Access Check which will allow you to write logic to determine all factors about a user before allowing access or not.
All of the above will handle general permissions to a page.

Your second point however around making a page read only vs visible is a different scenario to which there is a possibly simpler resolution. The way you can achieve this is with your pages, create your edit page and your read only version of the page as a sub page. These sub-pages can then be added as the main page content open to all, however you may then use user subsets/relation paths to control the visibility of each sub-page giving you a single page which can totally change behaviour based on who is accessing it or even based on your records status such as a case being closed.

Hopefully this makes sense.


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This was really informative and think I have a route to go down to get this working, already looks positive, really appreciate the help! :slight_smile: