Photo ID for visitor sign in/registration

Has anyone used Create to build functionality for visitor sign-in (eg in schools) where a photo is taken (eg on an ipad) when the visitor is signing-in and the photo is saved against their sign-in details?

Many thanks

Hi Nicky,

Not that I’m aware of, but sounds like a great idea.

I would say have a stab at it and if you get stuck or need help optimising any part of the process please come back here and ask the question.

You are looking at a public page with two big buttons, one for signing-in and another for signing-out, the sign in form has basic entry for name, car registration and image capture (“This should trigger camera options on a tablet browser”) that submits to a thank you page with a timed redirect back to the big menu.

See: Auto Redirect To A Link - Netcall Community

The sign out will be a little more tricky, as you will not want to expose the details of those already signed in. You could have a mandatory forename surname exact match search, which will reveal a large table of matches from today (Should be only one). The table record having a large button to Sign-Out.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Come back here if you need any assistance.

Thanks Adam. We’ll let you know how we get on!