Pop up windows open at the same time


Very new to NETCALL so please forgive my ignorance.

I have a series of subtabs that I want to open in popup windows.
Q1 can you have multiple popup windows open?
Q2 how do I configure the link to open as a popup?
Q3 is there a better way of doing this?

These links point at a list of data (there will be more than I have shown here). Having multiple popups open, the call handler can look at this data and make a decision on what to do next to progress the case.

Hi @SwingeyP ,

Not a problem at all, i’ll see if I can help you out here :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, sub tabs cannot be made into popups.
But it does sound like a cool idea - You could raise an idea in the Ideas Portal so that we could consider allowing sub tabs to be popup pages.

If you want to utilise popup pages, it’s done a little bit differently as popup pages are not tied to your navigation hierarchy. You would need to create a Page component and set the utilisation to Popup page.

Then, wherever you want to display your popup (e.g. inside of a page, your viewport nuggets, etc) you would use the Popup page element to display a button/link to open the popup page.


Just make sure the base object of the popup page matches the context in which you use it in.
For example, if your page object is User and you want to edit that same record in the popup page, you would ensure the popup page has a page object of User as well.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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