Prevent animated page scroll to top

Hi, I’ve noticed an animated scroll transition when navigating between web pages.

When you land on a page it loads in the same position then animates to the top.

Can we turn this off? I’m struggling to find where to do this with CSS overrides, is there a setting available? Thanks


Scroll down a little then use the menu in the sidebar to see animated scroll

Hi @designdave ,

Unfortunately, it’s not something that’s currently possible, although I’m sure it’s something that can be reviewed and implemented in the future.

Can you raise an idea in the Community Ideas portal please, so it can be considered in a future release?

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi sure thanks I will raise the idea.

Is this something that has been introduced in a recent upgrade? I don’t recall seeing the animated transition previously.

As we are building for a local authority we really discourage animation so I hope this can be removed again soon,

Are you able to identify where the code is for this page scroll transition please? I may be able to find a way to stop it.

Hi @designdave ,

The scrolling animation has always been the system behaviour for scrolling after actions, and has been the case since as far back as v10.0. So the behaviour isn’t new, and there hasn’t been a scenario that the animation has not been there for actions.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Ali, I must have just missed it somehow, or I may have applied an override that is no longer working, thanks for clarifying, appreciated. Dave

No problem, glad to help! :slight_smile: