Prevent user from creating duplicate records (via relationships) in solution

I have two records which have the same properties: Legal Entity, Division, Department, Area, Country, City & Location. I want to prevent the creation of a record when these items are identical to an existing record based on these properties. Is this possible?

The only mechanism to prevent the entering of data which already exists is by defining a text type with enforce unique selected.
As far as I am aware the uniqueness is for the entire data type, so you cannot use it for more than one property, so you would need a separate specific data type for each property.

However, as you are using relationship selectors then this will not be possible. It may be possible to check if a record with the same contents already exists (by the use of subsets) but this may not be straightforward given the number of combinations possible of the selections.

Though by then the duplicate will have been created as it will need to exist for a subset to check. The new record is created once the submit button is clicked on the form. You could not prevent the creation occurring beforehand.

That is fantastic - got it working as follows:-

a) Added a new Data Type with the unique constraint.

b) Added a new property based on the new data type

c) Added a rule to copy a composite value to the Unique property on creation of a new record

d) If the record is a duplicate the Unique property is left blank, so created a subset looking for these blank records

e) Created a rule to delete any record with a blank unique property on record creation.

Based on initial testing it is working like a dream.