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Please accept my apologies if this question has already been asked, I did search the forum beforehand.

As part of our parking permit application, we have a need to print a physical permit on pre-printed stationery which contains a hologram. With that in mind, it is critical that we can position Netcall data exactly where we need it, so the removeable permit is legible. We have a correctly formatted MS Word template/document, is there any way we can create something similar in Netcall?

We would prefer to generate the permit from within Netcall, as opposed to outside and then upload a copy to the case. We are very new to the Netcall world.

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It sounds like you need to use the PDF Forms feature.

You would need to create your template as a PDF (could be converted from your Word doc). Using Adobe Acrobat you can draw form fields onto the template where the user data needs to be populated.

Within Create you can then upload this Template into Assets > PDF Forms and associate it with an Object.
After upload you will be asked to map the form fields from your PDF to Properties from your chosen object.

Then using a rule you can “Generate PDF” which will take the data from the record the rule is fired on, and populate the form fields in the PDF. This can then saved to a File property/object of your choice (defined in the rule).

So using this you can automate the generation of the PDF at the correct time, maybe when hitting a certain keystage, or when a user clicks a specific action button.

For more details see this Help section:

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Thank you @bob.twells really appreciate the time you given to respond to my question. This sounds exactly like what we need. We shall give it a go!

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Hi @bob.twells,

I’ve had a go at following this process; I’ve created an editable form in Acrobat Pro with form fields which I’ve then uploaded into Create, associated it to an Object and mapped the relevant fields.

My intention was to generate the PDF on a case stage start, which we do in a similar way for another process from a template rather than PDF form, but when the PDF is created the form fields are blank and don’t populate with the data. I’ve tried another method with a button triggering an event to create the PDF instead to try and make sure it picks up the context ID but it’s still not populating with data.

Do you have any ideas why this might be happening?


Hi all,

Can anyone shed any light on the issue identified by Mike, should we have something turned on/enabled somewhere for this to work???

Thanks in advance, Sanjay :crossed_fingers:


we’re about to start implementing something very similar to this so I’ve been following along with interest. Has there been any follow up to your question?


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I can’t think of anything obvious from what you have described.

Have you tried enabling the Detectiv logging (in Monitor Studio), and see if there are any errors or messages generated at the point you generate the PDF?

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Hi Bob,

There are no errors in the detective, it just logs a line to say the event has been triggered to generate the PDF and then a subsequent line that the record has been created.


Are you able to provide the PDF in question and I’ll try it on a test app of mine, to rule out it being an issue with the PDF itself?

If so, you can send it to: